Kolkata Conference – Jan. 2013

International and Interdisciplinary Conference in Kolkata, India

Topic: Knowledge, Reality and Value:

VENUE: Best Western Premier Vedic Village Resort, near Rajarhat, Kolkata,India


10.40am-11am: Reception and Registration

Chair: Robin Kar, University of Illinois, USA


11am- Noon: “Mind: Human and Divine” Kisor Kumar Chakrabarti, Davis and

Chair: Shane Epting, University of North Texas, USA

1-1.30pm: “ Transcending Karma: Embodiment and Liberation in the Jīvanmuktiviveka”,

James Madaio, University of Manchester, UK

1.30-2pm: “Knowledge and Reality in Modern Kabala’”, Tamar Ross, Bar Ilan University,

2-2.30pm: “The “as if” character of Religious Beliefs”, Jacob Joshua Ross, Tel Aviv

2.30-3pm: “Perspective Creating Factors”, Tommi Lehtonen, University of Vaasa,

3-3.30pm: “The Psychological Foundations of Human Rights”, Robin Kar, University of

3.30-4pm: “Has Kant answered Hume’s Skepticism about Causaion?”, Andrew Ward,

University of York

Cultural Program


Chair: Kevin Brien, Washington College

8: 8.30am: “Interpreting International Law and Human Rights: Some Preliminaries”

Joshua Keton, CUNY Graduate Center, USA

8.30-9am:”Diaspora Made, Unmade and Remade: The Bhutanese Refugee Crisis”

Lopita Nath, University of the Incarnate Word, USA

9-9.30am: “Children’s and Youth Consumerism in Japan and Korea: Marketing Modern

Gender, Nationality, Culture and Global Identity Constructions.”Millie Creighton,

University of British Columbia (Canada) and National Ethnological Museum (Japan)

Chair: Mark L.Thomas, Blinn College

9.30-10am: The Relationship Between Non-Violence and Justice in the Thought of

Samdhong Rinpoche, James Blumenthal, Western Oregon University

10-10.30am: “Overcoming Ethnocentricities in Environmental Justice Assessments of

Infrastructure: a case study of Sulabh International Social Service Organization and

Sanitation in India”, Shane Epting, University of North Texas, USA


Chair: Tommi Lehtonen, University of Vaasa, Finland

10.45-11.15am: “Values, Vision and Praxis: How an Agnostic Does Theology “Kirke

Wolfe, Portland State University, USA

11.15-11.45am: “Culture And Christianity – Mainline Protestants and Cultural

Differences: East and West” Janet Huber Lowry, Austin College, USA

11.45am-12.15pm-: “The Sine of Shiva”, J. Fritzman, Lewis and Clark College, USA

12.15-1.15: BREAK*

Chair: Janet Huber Lowry, Austin College, USA

1-.15-1.45pm: “Externalism and the Epistemic Vice of Dogmatism”, Richard Vulich,

California State University at Fullerton, USA

1.45-2.15pm-: “Confucian and Humanistic Marxist Ethics: Convergences”, Kevin M.

Brien, Washington College, USA

2.15-2.45:pm: “Epistemic Distance and the Virtue of Alexis”, Mark L. Thomas, Blinn

2.45-3.15pm: “Identity and Technology: The Networked Human”, Ferris Crane, Robert

Morris University, USA

3.15-3.45pm: “Memory Knowledge and Its Epistemic Grounds” Shin Sakuragi, Shibaura

Institute of Technology, Japan

Reception and Signing of Books

Signing of Books:

Kisor Chakrabarti: Major Doctrines of Hinduism and Buddhism

Tommi Lehtonen: After Secularization: Preconditions of Religion

Chair: Barbara Amodio, Fairfield University, USA

4.30-5pm: “Law and Justice”, Sweta Guha, B.K.Girls’ College, India

5-5.30 pm:” Ethics of Nonviolence: An Islamic Response to Injustice” Irfan A.

Omar ,Marquette University, USA

5.30-6pm “Images of Women by Contemporary Female Indian Artists- the Female

Gaze” Patricia Karetzky, Bard College, USA

6.6.30pm “Morality—as perceived in the 21st

6.30-7pm“Culture and Morality: An Epic Pespective”, Rajani Jairam, Jain College,India

7-7.30:pm:”Impact of Philosophy on Education”, Radha Ghosh , B.K. Girls’ College,


Chair: James Blumenthal, Western Oregon University

8-8.30am: “Darwinian Challenges to Moral and Theistic Realism

Dan Baras, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

8.30-9am : ‘Harmonius World’ : A Respond To Anti-Globalization Vs Globalization”,

Yanling Xu, Shangdong University, China

9-9.30am: Knowledge and Reality Divide: Hegel against Kant

Arup Jyoti Sarma, Tripura University, India

Chair: Richard Vulich, California State University at Fullerton, USA

9.30-10 am: “On Knowing through Linguistic Categories” Tista Bagchi

University of Delhi and CSIR-NISTAD, India

10-10.30am: “Amartya Sen on Human Rights: A Critique” Don Habibi, UNC

Wilmington, USA

Chair: Chandana Chakrabarti

11-11.30am: “To What Extent is Western Science Indian?” Harold Sjursen, New York

University – Polytechnic, USA

11.30-12pm: “Innocence Undone: Action, and the Mature Epistemology”, Simon Smith,

Chair: Ferris Crane, Robert Morris University, USA

1-1.30pm: “Opening the Temple in the Human Body: The Tantra, Mantra and Yantra of

Chakras, Kundalini and Open Parasols”, Barbara Amodio, Fairfield University, USA

1.30-2pm: “Meditation on the Depiction of Space in Five Paintings”, Kathryn Sjursen,

2-2.30pm: “:Moral Particularism And The Myth Of the Given”, Sari Kisilevsky, Hunter

2.30-3pm: “Religious Syncretism in Bengal from the views of Rabindranath Tagore and

Fakir Lalon Shah”, M. Togawa, Japan

3.-30pm : “The Beast Symbol in Hindu Ethics”: Subodh Kumar Mishra Bhagawati,

Kamrup College, India

3.30 4pm: Coffee

Chair: Arup Jyoti Sarma, Tripura University

4-4.30pm:.“Language and Beyond: Tracing Transcendence through Bhartṛhari and

Chomsky” :Tripti Dhar, Krishnath College, India

4.30-5pm “The Monotheism of Sankarveda in Assam”, Baijyanti Bhattacharyya, Kamrup

5-5.30pm: “Spirituality Reconditioned: Post-Modern Theology and its Offshoots”, Arnab

Baul, Surya Sen College, India

5.30-6pm: “We are What We Buy: Consumption and Morality,” Manasvini M Yogi,

Indraprastha college for Women, University of Delhi

6-6.30pm “Untouchability and Dalit Identity: The Voices from Below” -Purba Das, Ohio

6.30-7pm:“Challenges in Notating Indian Classical Music – a Philosophical Perspective”,

Tejaswinee Kelkar, Cognitive Science Lab, International Institute of Information

Technology, INDIA

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