Kolkata Conference – Jan. 2015


January 6-8, 2015*

Kolkata, India

Call for paper: 150 words abstract

Email your proposal to: chandanachak@gmail.com

Dr. Chandana Chakrabarti

Proposal for panel and individual paper should be mailed by

May 31st

Topic: Consciousness, Value and Reality: East and West

, 2014

Consciousness and Theories of Reality, Appearance

and Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Consciousness and

Immortality of Soul, Personal Identity, Sociological and

Cultural Identity, Reductionist View on Consciousness,

Pragmatic Reality, Value and Reality, Vedanta and Neo

Platonism, God and Absolute, Materialism, Psycho-Physical

Dualism, Monism and Pluralism, Non-dual consciousness,

Intentionality, Deontological Ethics, Consequentialist

Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Ethical Pluralism, Emotivism, Religious

Pluralism, etc. The list is not exhaustive.

Advisory Board Members: Barbara Amodio (USA),

Gordon Haist (USA), Elizabeth Koldzak (Poland),Tommi

Lehtonen(Finland) Maria Marczewska (Poland), Debkumar

Mukhopadhya (India), Rizwanur Rahman (India),

Brooke Schueneman(USA), Ming Shao (China),Sthaneshwar

Timalsina(USA)Richard Vulich(USA) Andrew Ward (UK), Su-
Chen Wu (Taiwan)

Papers from the Conference will be published subject to editorial review:

If you are interested to submit your manuscript for book or

paper, please contact Dr. Chandana Chakrabarti and send

book proposal.

Call for Paper:


The Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion

has commenced publishing the Journal on

Indian Philosophy and Religion annually

from Fall, 1996. The Journal covers the wide

range of philosophies and religions which are

indigenous to South Asia. It includes scholarly

work of comparative and critical studies

of Eastern and Western philosophies and

religions. The journal also includes sections on

discussion articles and book reviews.

The Chief Editor: Kisor K Chakrabarti

(USA). The editorial Board includes: Karuna

Bhattacharyya (India), Ashoke Ganguly (India),

Jay Garfield (USA)), Steve Laylock (USA), J.

N. Mohanty (USA), Steven Phillips (USA), Karl

Potter (USA), Sukharanjan Saha (India), J. L.

Shaw (New Zealand), and Mark Siderits (USA).

All inquiries about submitting manuscripts

should be mailed to the Associate Editor:

Chandana Chakrabarti, Society for Indian

Philosophy & Religion, PO Box 79,Elon, NC


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