UPenn Conference – Oct. 2014

Call for Paper

International and Interdisciplinary Conference

Topic: Language, Culture and Reality: East and West

Venue: University of Pennsylvania—October 3-4, 2014

Sponsored by the Department of South Asia Studies and the South

Asia Center at the University of Pennsylvania and the Institute of

Cultural Studies and Academic Exchange

Abstract 150 words due by: June Ist, 2014

Please email your abstract to Dr. Chandana Chakrabarti



Advisory Board Members: Barbara Amodio (USA),

Gordon Haist (USA), Elizabeth Koldzak (Poland),Tommi

Lehtonen(Finland) Maria Marczewska (Poland), Debkumar

Mukhopadhya (India),Deven Patel(USA) Rizwanur Rahman

(India), Brooke Schueneman(USA), Ming Shao (China),Richard

Vulich(USA) Andrew Ward (UK), Su-Chen Wu (Taiwan)

Suggested Subtopics:

Language and Culture, Intercultural learning and translation,

Cultural commensurability/incommensurability and

translation, Intercultural learning and translation, Cultural

and Ethnic boundaries, Transcending Culture, Meaning

and Culture, Ethnic identity and Culture, Society, Culture

and Consumption, Culture and Cognition, Cultural Change,

Cultural Contact, Cultural Theory, Material Culture, Ethnic

boundaries, Constructing and deconstructing ethnic

identity, Evolution of Culture, Encountering different

cultures, Cultural shock, Culture and Morality, Asian

society and culture, Globalization’s effects on culture

and values, Hybrid cultural systems, Cultural meaning,

Culture and postmodernity, Culture and values of modernity,

Cultural roots of environmental problems, Reality and

Appearance,God and Absolute, Appearance and Illusion,

Virtual Reality. Monistic and Dualistic Views of Reality,

Ineffability of Reality, Mystic perception of Reality etc.

Papers from the Conference will be published subject to editorial review:

1.    Books and papers: Magnus Publications

2.    Journal of Indian Philosophy and religion

3.    Interdisciplinary Journal

Papers from our last four conferences have been

published by the Cambridge Scholars Press and by Magnus



Perspectives and Paradigms on Reality

Revisiting Mysticism,

Politics of War

Politics, Pluralism and Religion

Spirituality and Morality in the Contemporary World

After Secularization: A Philosophical Study of the

Preconditions of Religion

Major Doctrines of Hinduism and Buddhism

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