International and Interdisciplinary Conferences in 2018,India

Call for Paper and Panel Proposal

India Conferences:

International and Interdisciplinary

Kolkata and Jayanti Hills, India



International and Interdisciplinary Conference

Kolkata, India

Dates:  January 7-9, 2018

Topic: Person,Culture and Identity

Venue: Derozio Memorial College, Kolkata, India

Deadline to submit abstract (150 words) September 2nd,2017


Directed and organized by the Institute of Cross Cultural Studies and Academic Exchange, Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion Elon, NC, USA in collaboration with Derozio Memorial College, Kolkata,India

Acceptance of proposal will be mailed within 2 weeks or earlier to participants

Email your abstract:

Copy to:

Subtopics:  Concept of Person and Personal Identity,  Society and Media, Society and Women Empowerment, Language and Cultural Identity, E-Culture, Sociology of Culture, Semiotics of Culture, Cultural Relativism, Culture and Ethnology, Cultural Diplomacy, Folk Culture, Material Culture, Culture of War, Transfer of Culture, Morality: Nature or Culture, Culture and Morals, Culture and Global Ethics, Theology of Culture, Globalization of Culture, etc.


Web pages:*. .


Advisory Board:Yolanda Espina(Portugal),Tommi Lehtonen(Finland),Debkumar Mukhopadhyya(India),Deven Patel(USA),Nina Petek(Slovenia), Rizwan Rahman( India)Ming Shao(China),Dibyendu Talapatra(India), Richard Vulich(USA)Su Chen Wu(Taiwan),Yanling Xu(China)

Scholars from different corners of the world join our conferences. The Cambridge Scholars Press has published seven books co-edited by members of our advisory board from selected papers from our last conferences. We also publish papers in our Journal of Indian Philosophy & Religion if the theme of the paper is in the area of publication of the Journal.

Scholars can bring their students to join the undergraduate competition and “Encounter India program”.

Undergraduates can submit papers for international competition. Best 2 papers selected will be awarded a discounted short trip inside India along with free tickets to cultural programs.

Jayanti Hill conference( January 10-12,2018)

International and Interdisciplinary Conference

Topic:  Envioronmentalism, Globalism and Morality

January 10-12,2018 Jayanti Hills ,India.

Deadline to submit abstract (150words):  September 2nd, 2018

Sponsored and organized by the Institute of Cross Cultural Studies and Academic Exchange, Elon, NC, USA in Collaboration with Maynaguri College, India

Acceptance of proposal will be mailed within 2 weeks or earlier to participants

Email your abstract:

Copy to:


Environment and Economic Jusitice,Ecosystem and Sustainability, Enviornmental Ethics, Global warming,Climate Change and Biodiversity,Environmental Ethics,Green Ideology,Environmentalism,Feminism and Multiculturalism,Vegetariansim,Environmentalisn and Animal Advocacy,Gender,Race and Sextuality: Environmentalism in American Popular Culture,Environmental and Social Responsibility,Global Capitalism, Justice Globalism, Economic Globalism, Envioromental Globalism and Social Globalism, Democratic Roots of Globalism,Nationalism VS Globalism,

Culture and Global Ethics, Global Village,

Ethics,Morality and Society, Morality and Moral Controversies, Faith,Morality and Environment Subtopics are suggestive only. Conference organizers are open to other relevant topics addressing the theme



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